The devil bit off more than he could chew

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The devil bit off more than he could chew!
A watchword for 2016 is “GO” – It simply means that no matter the amount of messages and teachings we have received, without putting them into action we get no result. It is time to GO from speaking a language of expectation to a language of fulfilment. The Ark of God’s covenant signified God’s presence to the Jews and was the secret to their victories. In 1 Sam 4 as they faced the Philistines, they brought the Ark with them but this time Israel was spiritually bankrupt, they had lost God’s presence because of the sinful ways of the sons of Eli the priest. They exerted power publicly because of their position but lacked the inward and secret presence of God because to their immoral lives. If you don’t have a private life of the presence of God, you cannot have a public life of His Power.

Israel didn’t only lose this battle; they lost the Ark to the Philistines. The sadness of this day resulted to the sudden death of the priest and his daughter-in-law; the sudden birth and naming of his grandson Ichabod which means “No glory”. The Philistines thought that by capturing the Ark they had the secret to Israel’s power and prosperity; not knowing they just bit more than they could chew. The Ark was placed in the temple of their god (Dagon). Although Israel had lost the glory yet God would not share His glory with Dagon. Repeatedly Dagon fell down before the Ark of God until it was broken. Wherever they brought the ark, people in that city would be inflicted with skin diseases. Finally they placed the ark on a cartwheel and hooked it to oxen. They said if the oxen heads back for Israel they would know that all they have suffered was not mere coincidence but the act of God. They oxen did head back to Israel. The Philistines found out they bit off more than they could chew by capturing the ark.

The disciples of Jesus spoke the language of expectation for so long about the Holy Spirit until it was fulfilled at Pentecost. Then Peter spoke the language of fulfillment saying; “this was that which was spoken by the prophet Joel” Act 2:16. The devil found out too late that by hanging Jesus on a tree, he bit more than he could chew because right there on the cross Jesus destroyed every power that could ever hold you back. Nothing holds you from walking into fulfillment today but you. You can walk free from sin, pain, sickness, depression… name it; you can speak the language of fulfilment. All you need to do is simply get up and GO, put the word to action.

21.02.2016 (Excerpts from the series “GO” by Nick Park)