The Journey of Life!

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The Journey of Life!
Life is a journey; it demands no form of application or enrollment. You embark on life’s journey from your moment of self-consciousness. Even as a fetus in the womb, from that moment you exist and as long as breathe runs through your lungs, you remain part of life’s journey on earth. Of course life doesn’t always start out great for everybody; some start out from the remotest and most degrading places you could ever imagine, with little or no support system to build on. Yet others may start out from the most admirable places you would think of with more than enough support around them; unsolicited opportunities knocking at their doors with all kinds of needed and unneeded help and support thrown at them. A cardinal truth you must understand about life’s journey is that you have no choice about where and when and how you start out. No baby ever determines its parents, its family, its siblings or its place of birth including race and nationality.
However the beauty about life’s journey is that, it is not so much about where, when and how you started that counts the most, it is about where you are going. Ecclesiastes 7:8 says “The end of a thing is better than the beginning…” It doesn’t matter whether you started out in a prison or a palace, a jungle or a city, crawling or flying, a beggar or a fat-cat, with a golden spoon or a wooden one; that is not your finish point, it is only a start point. You are not meant to finish where you started. The worst thing in this journey is not where, when or how you started. The worst thing that can happen to you on life’s journey is to travel without a destination in mind. Here is the big question; where are you going with your life? A life without a destination is a life without direction.

Of course the ultimate end of life’s journey is eternity. Make no mistake, there can only be two eternal destinations, heaven or hell; a third one does not exist as some may suppose (Daniel 12:2). We must realize that we pre-determine our eternal destiny while we exist in time. Many decisions we make in this temporal life are of eternal consequences. Nobody has to walk into eternity to decide, find out or discover whether they end up in heaven or in hell, we can make that choice now and be certain of it ever before eternity’s door beckons upon us. God Himself is eternal, Job 36:26 says “…the number of His years is unsearchable” 1 Tim 1:17 says He is “the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God”. God stepped out of eternity and came into time through Jesus. Eternity invaded time, Holiness and righteousness invaded sin and life invaded death.

The eternal God came into time presenting us a gift of eternal life through Jesus. It says in John 3:36, “Whoever believes in the son has eternal life…” You can be assured of eternal life now before you exit the doors of time by believing in Jesus, putting your trust in Him and confessing Him as your Lord and savior (Rom 10.9-10). If you still harbor any form of doubts about your eternal destiny, please take a pause and simply ask Jesus to be your Lord and saviour. Watch out for the part two of life’s journey!

By Emmanuel Might 08/02/2016 (Excerpts from current series, #TheVictoriousMindSet)