About Us

The Solid Rock Church of God Dublin is a very dynamic and growing multi-national church. The congregation consists of members from over 13 different nationalities across the globe and is a church committed to a multi-cultural vision.


The Solid Rock opened its doors first in Drogheda through the ministry of Pastors Nick and Janice Park in 1994. Ten years later a young congregation of the Solid Rock Church was birthed in Dublin through the dedicated effort of members from the Drogheda church with Emmanuel and Evelyn Might leading this effort.


Since 2004, the Solid Rock Dublin has grown from a church of 3 families to a congregation of over 200 people. The worship service every Sunday is designed in such a way that it creates a welcoming atmosphere for everybody no matter their background, culture, nationality or race. At the Solid Rock, we welcome whosoever comes from where so ever they may be coming. We are here to serve our community and to serve you.