‘He walked on water to go to Jesus… Matt 14:29’

Peter’s walk on water was the most unforgettable walk any human born of flesh has ever walked. The walk of Peter on water towards Jesus should be an invitation, an opportunity for anyone who wants to experience an extraordinary thing, for those who want more of God power and presence.

Before such a feat could be achieve, there is a pattern of events that one must experience or pass through. Peter did not just jump into the sea and started walking; his history breaking walk on water followed a pattern of events before it could happen. For us to do or achieve the impossible in human perspective, we must experience or pass through the same series of events. Peter’s walking on water is a picture of achieving with God what he could never do on his own. To achieve a water-walking experience, we all must pass through this series of processes just as Peter and other disciples did, there is usually:

> A Fear

> A Reassurance

> A Call

> A Decision

> A Changed life

A Fear ‘… In their fear they cried out… Matt 14:26’ there is always fear. God is always asking people to do what seemingly is impossible or scary to them. Fear has a way of denying us if so many benefits, success, blessings God has provided for us, because of fear we tend not take that necessary step of faith. 2 Tim 1:7 says ‘For God has not giving us the spirit of fear’ if God has not given us, so where did we get it from? The Devil of course, he tries to sow fear into us because he knows once we overcome our fears we on the path to our water walking experience. There is an acronym I learnt some time ago about fear ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ in other words, there is nothing real in fear. There will always be fear just like the disciples were afraid but it’s good to know it’s not real.

A Reassurance ‘Don’t be afraid, take courage, I am here… Matt 14:27’ that verse is one of my favourite verses of the scripture, so fantastic; nothing can be more reassuring than to know that Christ is right with us. God always promises His presence, Matt 28:20 ‘I am with you always…’ even in our greatest fear He is right with us. He assured Gideon ‘the Lord is with you mighty warrior…’ so also Moses ‘I will teach you what to say…’ His words are reassuring, His presence is reassuring.

A Call ‘…Come… Matt 14:29’ Christ reassurance makes all fear disappear, and after which He is always calling out to us to come to him, to step out in faith and do whatever he

commissioned us to do. Many at times, most of us despite being reassured by God, we still hold back, we still allowed the fear in us to stop us from experiencing the extraordinary thing He is called us to do. God always ask ordinary people to get involved in extra ordinary activities.

A Decision ‘…And when Peter had come down out of the boat…Matt 14:29’ making a decision is the key to achieving a water-walking experience. Looking through the bible, there were so many people that God called, some said Yes and some said No. No matter what the issue is, there is always a decision to be made. People must ALWAYS DECIDE, it’s either a YES or a NO to His call, you can never sit on the fence. Sitting on the fence is a NO because, a YES requires you to take a step forward just like Peter did.

A Changed life ‘…He WALKED ON WATER towards Jesus…Matt 14:29’ A closer looked at that verse, we discover it said walked, it didn’t say Peter took a few steps… Nooooo, Peter walked on water. What an experience, what a finest moment of his life, a water-walking experience. The truth is his water-walking experience was not entirely perfect initially, at a point he was sinking simply because he allowed fear to set in again, yet again Peter was reassured by Jesus who reached out His hand to him and pulled him up. Those who say Yes to God and take that step of faith may not have a perfect walk initially but they are rest assured that He is right beside them throughout simply because they obeyed Him; they learn and grow from their failures. Bible never told us that Christ carried Peter back to the boat, Peter must have walked back to the boat by himself side by side with Jesus. Peter had a changed life, he had a finest experience beside Jesus, He had a water-walking experience.

Making a Yes decision to whatever call we get from God ALWAYS lead to a life changing experience, lots of example in the bible, Gideon, Moses, Apostle Paul etc. It is interesting to note that there are other eleven disciples in the boat with Peter who also went through the stages of events as Peter, they were afraid, they were reassured, they got the call and also had a decision to make but unfortunately the made a NO decision to Christ call, they allowed the spirit of fear to dominate and overshadow them, they therefore fail to have a water-walking experience.

In what area has God called you? For you to have a water-walking experience, you have to make a decision.

Prayer: Thank you father for you have not given me the spirit of fear … and I say yes to you Lord. Amen.

Olayinka Oginni (16.02.15)