‘The kingdom of God is like as if a man should scatter seed on the ground Mark 4:26’

A seed could be defined to be the unit of reproduction of a flowering plant. A seed is needed in order for plant to germinate or reproduce. A seed carries the power to bring forth life, no matter how small the seed may be, it has life inside of it. Certain things are important to note about a seed; a seed can reproduce, it has life, it has to be sown, and it has to be put into the ground or soil.
Life on earth can’t exist except through a seed. God created everything by his words, His creative words, everything came to life through the word of God. The word of God represents a seed. The word of God is to the kingdom of God just like the way a seed is to the physical natural world. God created everything to continue via the mechanism of a seed. The word of God has the ability to produce, reproduce, and bring forth to life.
For a seed to reproduce or bring forth, it has to be put into the ground, bible says the man scatter seed on the ground, the seed has to get to the ground. It doesn’t do anything until it gets into the ground. Your heart is the ground, unless the word reaches your heart, it will not release its power. So many of us reverence the bible but not the words in it, we only honour the book but we don’t have the words in our hearts. It won’t be a real rhema until it’s taken out those pages and we commit them into our hearts. His word is an incorruptible seed. Most of us don’t get our desire results because we don’t commit His words into our hearts. ‘Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart… Deu 11:18’ we need to put His word into in our hearts. The power in a seed is amazing; likewise the power in the word of God is the greatest force that is ever seen. So I will encourage you to put His word in your heart and confess it.

‘…he himself does not know how Mark 4:27’ No farmer ever planted a seed will go digging it up every now and then, rather he plant the seed and allows it to grow on its own accord. If he goes digging it up every night and day, you bet the seed will surely not produce any desired fruit. He put the seed in the ground and has faith that it will bring forth fruit. He does not doubt in his heart. Many at times we put the word of God in our hearts but we are filled with doubts, we keep checking every now and then if God actually hears us, if His word is actually working, we question the integrity of God’s word, we are not sure if we really should rely on His word. Just like the farmer who has faith in the seed to sure produce fruit and does not doubt in his mind we too should have faith in that as long as we put the word of God in the ground of our hearts, it will surely produce our desired fruit, we need faith to allow the word of God to work in us.

‘… first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain… Mark 4:28’ there are different stages in growth, it takes different stages in the life of a seed before it can bring forth fruit. Most of us want things to happen instantaneously for us, we don’t want to go through the different stages that are necessary before we get to our desire destination with God. We want to cut corners. Many of us have never believed to be healed of minor aches and pain yet we want instantaneous miracle for terminally ill sicknesses. We want instant miracles. We must give His word time to produce the desired fruit, to take us to the place He alone has prepared for us, to make us into who He actually created us to be.
The power in the word of God is the greatest force that has ever been…

Prayer: Lord, give me the grace to be able to commit your word into my heart, and Father give me the faith to hold on to Your word and the patience to rely on Your word even when things don’t seem right. Amen.

Olayinka Oginni (12.01.2015)