‘Not by works lest anyone should boast…Eph 2:8-9’


Bargain… the word is most commonly used in businesses, at market place, trading grounds. Commonly used when someone is trying to get what they don’t have from someone who has something they want. Bargaining could be over a piece of land, phone, jewelleries, etc. Many if not all of us have bargained at one time in the past… with friends, family, colleagues, families, employers. Bargaining is more or less involved in our everyday living. For every bargain there are two key things; 1) two parties are involved 2) both parties want what the other person has.

The thing is this; it’s okay to bargain but with God? That’s very wrong. Most of us Christians have bargained with God at some point in our walk with Him, even those who are not Christians. Majority of us have used the phrase before ‘God if you do so and so, I will do that’. Example ‘God if you give me a job I will pay my tithe faithfully, or ‘God if you give me a house I will serve you faithfully’ right? Most of us have used similar or familiar phrases like that in the past, we promised to do whatever it is as long as God do what we are asking. The funny thing is we NEVER keep our end of the bargain.  When what we were asking for finally come through, some of us take it as a coincidence, or sheer luck. Most of us don’t really follow through. We don’t honour our own end of the bargain

When you bargain with God, there are two important things;

  • You believe that God does exist, even for those who are not Christians. As long as you have at one point bargain with God, it shows that you believe in His existence, it goes to show that you have an extraordinary faith in God. You also believe that God knows you exist, and that He cares about you. You believe God has the power and can give you whatever it is you want. It is interesting most of us don’t realise this.
  • When you bargain with God, you think that you have something God wants, maybe money, service, commitment in your local church, your time, or even your sacrifice. YOU ARE WRONG.

But sorry to announce to you that God doesn’t want anything from you, He doesn’t want anything you have, He doesn’t need you money or your commitment. God doesn’t negotiate because He doesn’t want anything from you. Rather, He wants something for you!!! It’s so wrong to bargain with God, because you can’t bargain with someone who doesn’t want what you have. God is not interested in our bargain, He doesn’t want us to bargain either, it is wrong and not necessary, because He had already made all what we want available. He made them available by His grace. Everything is made available by His grace. ‘God has given us everything we need for living a Godly life…2Pet 1:3’ (NLT).  Everything has been given to us; healing, deliverance, prosperity… etc all have been given to us.

The question then is; do you bargain on what is already made available to you? Of course not. But most of us believe we can get it by our performance, by what we have or by what we can do. Eph 2: 8-9 the grace of God is made available not as a result of your own efforts or what you can do. ‘Not of works lest anyone should boast…’ Everything is made available, everything is already provided but you can’t get it by what you do or through what you have, but by His grace. Think about this, what standard do you want to use to determine your stand with God? Is it your behaviour or His grace?

Not by your service or your commitment, really? Yes really, nobody is qualified yet to get anything based on what he/she has done. It’s wrong to bargain on what has already been made provided. If so, then how do I get it? You don’t need to negotiate, you simply ask and believe…. FAITH

We don’t have anything God wants. Christianity is about what God has already done… all we need to do is respond to what God has already done.

Prayer; Father please forgive me if I have relied on my works, ability, righteousness instead of your grace.

Olayinka Oginni (19.12.14)