‘Teach us to pray… Luke 11:1

Many of us have heard so much teachings and sermons on the issue of prayer, yet majority of us still struggle when it is time to pray, we struggle with what to say, most of us don’t have a good prayer life simply because we just don’t know how to pray.
Prayer is just talking to God, isn’t it, well I think it’s more than that. Jesus Christ’s disciples saw Him praying one day and they immediately knew that something was not right in the way they have been praying, they knew they have not been doing it the right way. This is interesting because these are Jewish guys who have probably been praying all the lives, they go the synagogue every now and then, they are so used to praying, they were so religious in the way the pray, yet when they saw Jesus prayed they knew they were not doing it the right way.
So they asked, ‘teach us to pray’ and Jesus started by making a correction to the way they have been praying, to the way most of us have been praying, the first thing He did was to correct them, ‘go to your private room, close the door and pray…’this is quite an interesting thing, I believe we are to pray all seasons, and I personally don’t think we should pray only in the our rooms, so why did Christ say we should go to our private rooms to pray? The word private actually make it more interesting and it gives us an insight to what it means. So what does it mean to be in a private room? I believe that one can be in a crowd and still be alone, be separated from the crowd, you can still be in a world of your own despite being in a crowd, to go into your private room means to be rid of all distractions, it’s not just a physical isolation but a moment or a period where you connect only to God irrespective of where you are, irrespective of your surroundings. The important thing is to establish that connection with God during our times of prayer. You could be in a crowd and still connect to God spiritually.
‘Our Father…’ What a way to start prayer!!! It clearly shows a high level of intimacy with God, it shows that there is a relationship, a sense of belonging in God’s family. You can’t call someone your dad when you are not close to that person. There has to be a relationship. Jesus Christ is the son of God and this reflected in the way He prayed to His father, this is one of the things His disciples noticed about the way Christ prayed.
‘Hallowed be thy name…’ The word hallowed signifies sacred, big, majestic, and consecrate. It is used to describe someone highly respected and admired, someone Holy.
‘Your will be done…’ The purpose of prayer should be to surrender our will and yield to His will. We cannot faith God out of His will, His will alone and only must be done.
Reading through, I believe there is a pattern Jesus taught His disciples on how to pray. He gave us a model on how to pray, we don’t have to use His exact same words, doing so will make us religious, but we can model after the way He taught us.

We are to D.S.A (Don’t Start of Asking) but;
 Declare God’s greatness; His majesty, His hallowed
 Surrender our will; His will alone must be done
 Acknowledge our dependency on Him

The good thing is, there is reward to praying Matthew 6:6, if we learn how to pray correctly.

Prayer: Lord teach us how to pray.

Olayinka Oginni (21.12.14)