If you are the son of God… Matthew 4:6

Identity is the distinct characteristic of an individual, it is what make an individual definable and recognisable. It is the fact of who or what a person stands for. Many of us are still learning about who we are each day. People may call you different things(some unpopular or pretty things) but your identity is not chosen by what people call you but by God. It is very tricky to let what people say about us to define who we are.

The understanding of our identity is very important if we are to live in peace and able to overcome our enemies. One of the greatest weapons of the devil is his ability to attack our identity and make us doubt who we are. The devil wants to take our identity from us, because he knows how powerful we are once we understand who we are and what we stand for.

Our identity is our authority, that’s why the devil tries to take it away from us. The devil wants Christ to doubt his identity as the son of God, he wants to take Christ identity away from Him because he knows that Jesus Christ authority is in His name, the authority is in Jesus Christ being the son of God, the devil knows that but he wants Jesus Christ to doubt it so he could take it away from Him. Thank God for Christ!!!

Once we lose our identity,once we doubts our identity, we lose our authority and we give it over to the devil. We should emulate and be like Jesus Christ, we should know who we are in God and never doubts what we stand for even in the face of adversity or temptation, in doing so, we can stand and overcome the devil.

At times people put on a different identity that is contrary to what they stand for, they tend to take up a different identity to who they are. It’s like a naval officer going to war as soldier, we definitely know that he won’t succeed because he going with a different identity, he is going as what he is not, he is trained as naval officer not as a soldier.

In Acts 19:13-15… ‘Jesus I know, Paul I know about, but who are you?’ The sons of Sceva decided to put on a complete different identity to who they originally are, and they got battered. ‘In the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches…’ They are trying to put on an identity by proxy. You can’t attack the devil with an identity that doesn’t belong to you. Because the sons of Sceva didn’t have the right identity, they didn’t have the authority over the demon-possessed man.

For us to get to know the identity of a product, we need to go back to the manufacturer’s manual, the creator’s manual. Our identity is solely in God, we are created in His image, Gen 1:27… ‘God created man in his own image; in the image of God He created him male and female He created them’

The understanding of who we are can only be found solely in Christ, this is essential if we are to overcome the enemy. Jesus Christ asked his disciples if they know his identity, because their understanding of who Christ is, is very essential in helping them to know their identity is in Him as well. Matthew 16:16 ‘Simon Peter answered and said ‘You are Christ, the son of the living God’ This is exactly the same word the devil used…’ If you are the son of God’

The question is, who are you?

Prayer: that God should give a clear revelation of who you are in Him…

Olayinka Oginni  (10.12.2014)